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We offer Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Services to children ranging from birth to 21 years old. Our team of Pediatric Therapists are trained and highly qualified to help children develop important life skills so they can become more independent and gain confidence in their abilities at home, school and community.

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Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Assessment of a child’s hand strength, coordination, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination
  • Create an individualized School Readiness & Printing Program to support a child’s development of fine motor skills commonly assessed in the classroom (e.g. printing legibility, formation of letters, use of scissors)
  • Support development of age-appropriate bilateral coordination and dexterity to support independence with feeding and dressing

Gross Motor Skills Development

  • Thorough physical assessment of a child’s strength, range of motion, and balance
  • Develop a treatment plan to address muscle imbalances or delays in developmental milestones
  • Address poor coordination and /or motor planning through functional and fun activities

Play & Social Emotional Skills Development

  • Provide regular therapy sessions to promote and expand play, social interaction and communication
  • Facilitate a strong caregiver-child relationship through play to boost a child’s socio-emotional development
  • Equip caregivers with communication strategies to help support their child’s management of emotions
  • Build a child’s self-regulation toolbox cope with big emotions and remain grounded when upset
  • Guide school-aged children through a self-regulation curriculum or Social Thinking Skills program

Sensory Integration Therapy

  • Assessment of a child’s sensory profile to determine how a child receives, organizes and responds to sensory input from the environment
  • Provide caregiver education about their child’s sensory system and ways to support their child at home
  • Offer sensory-based therapy to help children integrate and respond to their sensory experiences
  • Provide sensory-based equipment recommendations along with training on how to use the recommended equipment

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