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Client Experience

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the highest quality of care. One of the ways we improve the quality of our services is by obtaining feedback.  The information you provide will assist us in developing our therapy programs as well as measuring our performance.  

If you or your loved one have received rehabilitation services in your home from one of our therapists, your feedback is important to us.  

Client Testimonials

Read through our client success stories and testimonials to see how we have delivered a positive experience with optimal results.

“Impressed with therapist’s knowledge and pursuit of getting you better. Always on time and never in a hurry. Very pleased with the service.”

“Our Occupational Therapist was absolutely wonderful. She took care of all the details for equipment and care needed to help my Mom adapt to being in a wheelchair after hip surgery.”

“My Dad’s Occupational Therapist was wonderful. She was very professional, thorough and supportive. She was extremely sensitive to his dignity along with his physical and safety needs. She ensured that he received the devices that could help him remain mobile and safe. Our family could not have asked for a better professional to provide support for my Dad.”

“Exercises directed by my Physiotherapist continue to be effective and helpful in regaining my self confidence after a prolonged difficult time. I am grateful for the community support!”

“My therapist was very skilled, knowledgeable and tenacious. In 8 weeks, she got me out of bed and on to a walker and then walking and balancing and then climbing stairs. Her rehab programs were designed for each stage of my development. The exercises were designed to improve every day skills, balance and strength needed to become independent in my home. I would not have been able to do this on my own.”

“He was a very nice gentleman. Very helpful. Made me feel like he was here to help me. Attitude and personality were exemplary.”

“Our therapist steered us to what was most important and helpful in a way that both accommodated his needs, and informed us of the services and equipment available, to allow us to better understand the process going forward. Invaluable.”

“My dietician was excellent, provided copies of dietary information and answered all my questions and concerns.”

“My husband was receiving palliative care and our therapist was incredibly helpful at suggesting things that may help him or things he may need in the future. She was also very sensitive to the fact that he was young and struggling with his limitations and growing mobility issues.